Posted on: 21 November, 2018

Author: Sunny Sharma

one of the most common drinks found in Indian households. After spending a day out in the sun, this drink helps you to combat dehydration and fatigue. Buttermilk which is commonly known as Chaas is one of the most common drinks found in the Indian households. Its popularity is the result of its health benefits. Let us go through the 5 major benefits that Chaas provides to our body and also shed a light upon an online destination where you can get all dairy products of top-notch brands.Buttermilk is made up of water down curd where a lot of healthy spices like pepper, jeera, ginger, curry patta, coriander leaves, salt, and green chilies go into it. There is no specific time in the year to enjoy this drink and hence it can be consumed all throughout the year. After spending a day out in the sun, this drink helps you to combat dehydration and fatigue. Apart from providing better digestion, this drink provides the following 5 major health advantages to us:1. Calms down the stomach: Since it is made up of cool watered down curd it gives a soothing effect to our stomach. After having a spicy meal, this drink will bring calm to the irritated stomach lining. The pepper, jeera and curry patta present in buttermilk is known as a helpful ingredient to relief the irritation caused by spicy foods.2. Flushes down the fat: Buttermilk is the best drink to have after eating a heavy meal. The ginger and pepper present in chaas helps to stimulate the digestion system in the body. This further makes you feel light. It also helps to flush out the fat or oil that usually coats the inner walls of your food pipe and stomach.3. B complex and other vitamins: Apart from making our guts happy, Amul Masti spiced buttermilk is also a great source of important vitamins such as vitamin B complex, proteins, and potassium. Vitamin B, that is, riboflavin is known for converting food to energy; secrete hormones and aids in digestion. 4. Fights acidity: The essential condiments present in Chaas like pepper and ginger beats the burning sensation caused by acidity in our stomach. This drink brings relief to the discomfort caused by acidity to us. 5. Best tool against dehydration: Amul Buttermilk is a mixture of salt, water, curd and spices which makes it extremely delicious. It is also packed with electrolytes and a good amount of water which makes it the best drink to fight dehydration. After spending a hard day out under the sun, a glass of Chaas helps you to prevent dehydration. Wondering where to grab a pack of Amul buttermilk?Hop into Awesome Dairy to get yourself a pack of best quality chaas by Amul and other well-known brands online. Awesome Dairy is India’s first online dairy stores that provide various dairy products of top brands online. This gives you the liberty to shop for the dairy product of your choice online without doing the labour of going out to the stores to buy them. The list of dairy product includes wide varieties of items such as Paneer, Milk, Ghee, etc at an amazing price. Visit now to know more about the upcoming events and offers. Source: Free Articles from He is a passionate content writer. He has been writing articles in the field of dairy health along with being a partner in an online dairy where one can shop dairy products online.